4 May 2017 | Manchester

Glug Manchester #5

  • Noir Agency

Hello Gluggers,

@GlugMCR is back and we are celebrating our 5th event & our 1 year birthday! We've moved to a bigger and awesome venue 'Cooper Hall' so take note of the change.

Here at @GlugMCR we are a fan of creative storytelling, passion, the underdog and seeing ideas come to life. For this reason we bring to you great speakers who are willing to share their experiences and inspire a new way of thinking.

See you there,
Glug Manchester


Date: Thursday 4 May 
Time: 6.30pm – 10.00pm    
Venue: Cooper Hall, Sevendale House, 7 Dale St, Manchester M1 1JA 
Tickets: £7 includes entry, a drink and pizza


Alex and Anthony - Noir Agency


Alex and Anthony are founders of Noir Agency, a business built through a combined passion for branding, business & technology. We share an interest in how quickly the digital world moves & look to apply our knowledge to build & grow agile, breakthrough brands through emotive, digital experiences.
Talk title: The importance of emerging technology for breakthrough brands. 
An overview of the digital & technological landscape. We aim to provide insights and talk about the benefits & opportunities presented by future technology, such as Virtual reality, Augmented reality and machine learning.

Others announced soon...