27 June 2019 | Leeds

Glug Leeds: Creative X Tech

  • Parallax
  • Cooperative Innovations
  • Delete Agency
  • Seeds

Hey Gluggers!

Next up in the Glug Leeds calendar we brace ourselves for the summer party packed with insightful talks, live demos, DJs and no doubt a bit of BBQ’in!

We'll be taking a look at how are advancements in technology are re-defining creativity?

Speakers are invited to share insights and experience around tech in the creative industry. Has it provided innovation or is is technology killing imagination?

We'll discuss topics like around the volume and level of detailed data we have available to identify our audience/their purchases and searches - has marketing become too targeted and prescriptive or are we able to embrace better more focused creative campaigns? 

How has creativity shifted and developed alongside the rise in tech?

How has tech enhanced creativity? A look at the software, tools, ideas and real-time reviews now available to shape the way we deliver creative campaigns. 

Expect live demo's of VR tools shaping experiential marketing, an immersive technology driven workspace as well as insights on the way tech is shaping the way we develop and deliver creative. 

Super star line-up: 

Cari Kirby - Peek & Poke

Peek & Poke make online branded games for B2B and B2C brands, broadcasters and charities.

In her role as Marketing Manager, Cari is responsible for shaping and delivering the marketing strategy, leading on all activity including digital marketing, events and PR.

She joined the team in 2016 with over 10 years’ agency experience working on both national and international brands, delivering award-winning campaigns across a variety of industries.

Cari is an advocate for flexible and parent friendly work alongside re-addressing the gender imbalances in both the creative and tech industries, issues which she’s shared most enthusiastically on the Glug stage in the past! She’s also a little sweary after gin. You’ll find her at the bar.

Quinn Daley - Fish Percolator

Quinn Daley (they/them) is the main person at Fish Percolator, a software development company based right here at Duke Studios.

Before running their own company, Quinn was the manager of the Leeds outpost for a multinational software company. 12 years in big business taught them good development practices, but kept the development very far away from the customers.

These days, they're able to properly embrace the Agile Manifesto, which isn't about Scrum Masters and burndown charts; it's about collaboration, flexibility and constantly rethinking.

James Hall - Parallax - 

Simon Barratt - Cooperative Innovations -  

Kev Charlton - Delete Agency -

Karl Lenton - Seeds - 

See you at the bar!