21 February 2019 | Melbourne

Glug Melbourne: Creativity in times of conflict

  • Jessie Lloyd
  • CKOL Studios
  • Kevin Tran

Hi Gluggers!

In our inaugural event in Melbourne, we'll be looking at ‘Creativity in Times of Conflict’.

Here we'll present a range of speakers who show how, sometimes, the most tense or difficult situations can lead to the most incredible creative output.

We will be dealing with ‘conflict’ at both a personal level and a national level, to show the diversity of impact conflict can have.

Exploring this idea with us, we have:

Jessie Lloyd - Creative entrepreneur and singer/songwriter


Jessie is a proud Aboriginal woman and creator of ‘The Mission Songs Project’; a project that aims to raise awareness around the ‘Stolen Generations’ through the preservation of songs from this time. 

For Jessie, like many people of Aboriginal descent, ‘conflict’ and the contemporary repercussions of the colonisation of Australia is both a source of pain but also a source of creative inspiration, as Jessie uses the creativity intrinsic to her culture to help build understanding and empathy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

CKOL Studio - Jessie Oldfield and Adam Murfet, directors and film production company founders


Husband and wife team Adam and Jessie are a successful, local directing duo and founders of film production company CKOL Studio (“Certain Kind of Light”).

The team have just completed their first pilot – a comedy for ABC and Screen Australia called, ‘Why are you like this?’. Watch the pilot.

This pilot explores the relationship between characters who are in constant conflict, and brings to life how each handles the situation and resolves it creatively.

We’ll also delve into the working relationship between Jessie and Adam themselves, who say they they depend on the conflict in their personal relationship to create the best possible creative output in their work.

Kevin Tran - Creative director, artist, streetwear-label founder


Kevin is second generation Vietnamese. His parents fled to Australia to escape the Vietnam War, traveling illegally on repurposed fishing boats while facing innumerable threats and uncertainty along the way. As a result of this traumatic uprooting, Kevin’s parents have led a fairly conservative life in the western suburbs of Sydney; keen to assimilate seamlessly into their new adopted country and rebuild a sense of safety. 

Perhaps in direct retaliation to this, Kevin is fearlessly creative; having worked as a senior designer, held solo exhibitions for his paintings, launched a branding agency for social impact and sustainability, founded streetwear label ‘Key And Isle’, and recently released his debut DJ mixtape.

Here Kevin reflects on how his parent’s post-war mindset has fuelled his creative drive over the years.

Overview of the deets

Date: Thursday 21st February, 2019 Time: 6:30 - 10:00pm Venue: The Bowery Locksmith, 203 Swan Street, Richmond Nearest PT: East Richmond Train Station, Tram 70, stop 11 

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