9 June 2020 | Leeds

Glug Leeds: Home Visits

We'll be beaming directly into your living room/bedroom/kitchen table

Glug Leeds: Home Visits

We ask creatives how they're managing their mental health and wellbeing in their daily lives, as well as during this pandemic we find ourselves in.

Expect stories and tips, but make sure you bring your pens & pencils along with you, because we'll have workshops & activities too!

Tickets are free, but we do ask for a small donation for the Sheaf St Fund which will support our favourite venue to keep going and also be a fund for local freelancers in need.

💛 🙏 More info on the Sheaf St Fund here

Jordan Yates & Rachel Cook

Design Recovery +

Jordan is a Freelance Designer, Illustrator & animator and Rachel is a Designer & typographer working at Persona Studio in Manchester. Together alongside Design Wellness, they created Design Recovery a mental health event which aims to be a safe space for people to speak openly about mental health.

Twitter @jygraphicdesign @jygraphicdesign


Kimberley Robinson

Keep Real

Kimberley Robinson is an award nominated mental health campaigner, creator and founder of Keep Real. Recently named in the UK Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise, Kimberley runs her business Keep Real, supporting better mental health in the community through accessible creative interventions. Photo credit: Elouisa Georgiou

Twitter @kimmykeepreal @KeepRealUK


Lucile Allen-Paisant

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Week



Overview of Deets.

Date: Tuesday 9th June

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Venue: Online

Instagram: @glugleeds/

Twitter - @glugleeds

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