11th February 2016 | London
Super Bold Max – Glug London

Hi Gluggers,

Sometimes it’s time for a bit of a refresh, a change of format, a new challenge. We’ve loved our days at Cargo, but how can we make it better? Maybe somewhere a bit bigger, more room for people to watch, perhaps two rooms of talks running at the same time, somewhere to try things out and get hands on, what about some extra Notworking activities chucked in too?

So, here is our new Glug ‘Super Bold Max’ format for you – “The Future Fifteen Fabric Show” (or as we’re calling it “FFFS!”)









Room 1:

In the main room we have a host of incredible talks from many of the exhibitors featured at Future 15.



Studio Output

Moritz Waldermeyer

Technology Will Save Us

The Ideas Man

Projection Artworks


Room 2:

We’ll also have a second room of talks going on for you to choose between. Again just some incredible speakers and agencies.


Tech Dept


Found Studio

Franklin Till



Speed Notworking:

We’re also going to trial a new Notworking™ concept. Something that’s just a bit of fun. Who knows maybe you’ll find yourself a creative collaborator, a new job or even a life partner?! Hosted by the awfully famous and exceptionally quirky “Ideas Man” Sheridan Simove.

Basically just like speed dating, but more about telling people what you do as a creative, what you want to do, maybe there’s a BIG idea you want to share?

The Demo Lounge and Creative Pop Up

We’re going to invite a host of exhibitors from the show to come and demo some of their kit, Oculus Rift, Wearables, Projection Mapping, all sorts of bits and pieces. Allowing you to get to know the technology and meet the people behind it.

But we’re also going to include the not so tech, stalls and fairs where you can see great creative work and maybe even buy some things too!

Early bird tickets £12 (normal tickets @ £15)  




We hope you’ll understand that moving to a much bigger venue has some budget implications. As you know Glug is a not for profit organisation. We hope the ticket price will be more than covered by the enhanced experience. Plus we’ll include a free drink on entry with every ticket!

Bar Prices

We’ve also managed to negotiate some decent bar promotions for the event on wine and beer.

Thanks again for all your support!

Hope you’re excited as us about this show.

See you at the bar,

Nick, Ian & Crew at Glug HQ

Glug – Notworking™

London, Beijing, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Oxford, Leeds, Auckland, Stockholm & NYC.


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Please note we don’t offer refunds, feel free to pass the tickets on amongst yourselves here on meetup and #glugtickets usually works a treat.

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