18th May 2016 | London
Glug London Meets: Moving Brands

Glug London experienced an unusually busy month with 3 events running on the first, second and fourth week of May. We hosted them in 3 different locations and they had all 3 different USPs. Here comes the first write-up of the first event we hosted in May…

Glug Meets: Moving Brands

Our first May event was held on Thursday the 5th and it was our smaller format “Glug Meets:”, hosted in Barrio Shoreditch. For this month’s instalment of Glug Meets: we had the opportunity to meet the fantastic team behind one of the most well-recognised agencies in the industry – Moving Brands. On the night they had 4 different speakers who all showed us, and told us, about what it’s like to work at MB, what they do, client work and projects, highlights and processes that they use when tackling creative briefs.


We were lucky to hear from: Creative Director Terry Stephens, Designer Jed Carter, Global Marketing Manager Georgina Milne and Design Director David Cameron.

Especially interesting to hear was their work with Wayfindr where they had the challenge to “create an identity that can appeal to people who can’t see it“. We were also led through the project they did for BBC iPlayer Kids and got to see how it all started as doodles, soon to be translated into 8 fully fledged characters with very distinctive personalities.


What resonated well with all the avid Twitter-users in the audience was the quote that Georgina started her talk with: There’s more to work than client work. She also spoke about the fact that thee’s a gap between education and industry, that people don’t know the difference between brand and advertising and that female grads can’t see a place for themselves in the industry. All of which was completely spot-on and well delivered!

At the end of the evening we switched focus from talks to Notworking and mingled around with all the 100 Gluggers who attended the night. Not only did we have an amazing time, we had some great feedback from our attending Gluggers the day after and we’re very much looking forward to our next event…


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