25th May 2016 |
Glug London May Highlights

The second Glug London event in May was our larger format “Glug Presents”. On the night we had an array of speakers from brands and agencies as well as start-ups, freelancers and communities. We welcomed 200 Gluggers to our Presents-home “The Trampery Old Street” for a night with 6 speakers who all came together over the generic theme ‘Creativity’.



First off we had Jody Malam, Creative Director from MTV UK, who showed us some fantastic insights into the brand development from the early days of MTV, to where it’s now, and where it’s going. Talking from a brand perspective Jody showed us all how important it is to live, breathe and love your target audience and how that should translate into all aspects of brand developments.



Next we heard from the self-taught-superstar-master-doodler Sam Cox akaThe Doodle Man. Not only is he a living, breathing prime example of how personal branding should be executed and actioned – he’s bloody good at doodle everywhere and anywhere too. With his wit, determination and pens he showed us how important it is to never stop believing in yourself and go after your dreams. It was interesting to see how his obsession with doodling have led himself into something nothing short of becoming a legendary cartoon character doodling his way around Shoreditch and beyond.



From the start-up world we had Ben Pugh, founder of Farmdrop who took us through his journey as an entrepreneur as well as guiding us through terms such as milkonomics and #vanimals. The concept behind Farmdrop is easy – they’re on a mission to fix the food chain by simplifying the way we produce, harvest and get our hands on food.



Once back from a short little Notworking break we kicked off the second interval with Adam Lawrenson, ECD from AlbionWith an incredibly well-crafted talk Adam covered some fantastic tips and tricks to streamline creative processes and notions of agencies and studios in the creative industry. The talk was named “The Messy Business of Being a Creative Business” and covered some of it’s up’s, down’s, in’s and out’s.

When stating that Albion surely isn’t ‘a branding agency, nor an advertising agency, or a product design studio’ even though they produce and execute such projects on a daily basis he left many with an but-what-are-you-then?-feeling. However, by tying said projects to his top 8 tricks on how to navigate this ‘messy business of being a creative business’-landscape it all made perfect sense though. It all comes down to The Choice.

Everyone, no matter if you’re an agency, studio or an in-house branch, should ask themeselves – Do you want to simply colour in the clients pre-planned media schedule, focus only on generating incremental growth, engage in an arms race to produce the lowest priced asset… Or do you actually want to make something new?”


We had the pleasure to listen to the in-house creative branding solutions team from Twitter – Martin Craster and Viviyen Bowdler. Not only did they chat us through the imminent “Rule of 140” they also explained that it’s actually very useful to be restricted sometimes as it can give you a clearer understanding of the technical solutions, which makes you focus on how to creatively pursue them.


They showed us some example projects and talked through The Brief, The Idea & The Execution with some of their partnering brands – all of which always adhered to “Rule of 140”, of course. We also got some insights into what’s actually capable with Twitter if you’re a brand and how you can develop full-blown brand campaigns with very few means (or characters we mean…).

Last but certainly not least we had the amazing Cameron Temple from Stink Digital. He gave us an impressive guide into the ever-changing field of how to put together the most successful Creative Teams. In the beginning he kicked off by pushing out notions such as “Do Creative Direction and not Creative Dictation” and “The best stimulus comes from combining disciplines – something that instantly sparked the creative juices in the audience who nodded in agreement. We were also guided through rapid-prototyping processes, how shared ownership is the key to success and how we all really should speak one language, no matter the barriers in-between us.



Note: All talks will shortly appear in our Glug Vimeo Channel.

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