19th September 2016 |
Our newest cities

In 2016 the Global Glug Community have crossed more borders and opened up more locations than ever before. We're currently in (or shortly popping up in) 20 cities world wide and we couldn't be more excited than we are to introduce you to our some of newest chapters and the epic hosts behind them:

Glug Sydney@glugsydney

Hosted by the epic Christopher Gregson & amazing Nicole Sidoti

C: After a stint working in the construction industry, Chris realised his soft hands were more suited to building websites than roads and schools.  He traded in the steel-toe boots for a pair of brogues and managed to blag himself a few roles as a digital producer.  Billions of pixels later he's now running Space66 Australia, joining the New York and London offices to provide their clients with 24hr production and access to the best creative minds in the business.

N: A Sydney native, Nic earned her design chops working in London for 9 years before returning home to set up Popdot, a boutique agency helping entrepreneurs leverage the power of design. Now a start-up addict herself, Nic has recently launched Zift — an online platform connecting high quality vetted designers with entrepreneurs. Nic is passionate about empowering designers in the freelance market and helping designers to compete on quality rather than on price.

Glug Berlin@glugberlin

Hosted by the awesome team Lauren Kelly and Erin Single

L: A degree in Psychology isn't the most traditional route into design, but that's me - I don't tend to follow the straight path. I am a freelance Digital Designer, with a generalist skill set. I turn my hand to print, illustration and digital design for clients including Microsoft, the British Government, and Contentful. I moved from London to Berlin around 2 and a half years ago, bringing my love for Glug with me.

E: An American expat originally hailing from Atlanta, Erin was a Strategy Consultant for five years until she came to Berlin and everything changed. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Berlin by bike, trying to get into Berghain and taking care of her cacti collection.

Glug Edinburgh – @glugedinburgh

Hosted by the incredible Mariela Albornoz & Team

Mariela is a strategic and enterprising marketing professional with extensive experience in commercial, account, client and events management, that has facilitated the development and implementation of numerous effective strategies in the United States of America, Spain and Great Britain for companies such as Bacardi, Diageo and Walt Disney.

Glug Taiwan – @glugtaiwan

Hosted by super boss Oliver Chang & Team

Co-Founder & COO at Impact Hub Taipei, host & licensee at CreativeMorings Taipei and FuckUp Nights Taipei. He was the Co-Founder and Curator of TEDxXimen before. Right before starting his own venture, he was a HR and Corporate Communications Intern in Medtronic, a Fortune 100 company, for nearly 3 years, mainly working on corporate citizenship projects. His passion is to explore new ways of collaboration and sharing for co-creating a better world. And he’s passionate about how social entrepreneurship can support enterprises and communities, building mutual benefits and desirable outcomes.

Glug Dubai – @glugdubai

Hosted by the epic team consisting of Zain Khan, Leinate Abulaiti, Omar Masri and Mohamad Mourad

Z: The Founder and CEO of The Sound Gaarden, Zain makes a living from being creative and spreading the musical love around the Middle East (well, currently Dubai, but soon the rest of the region.) Thinking outside of the box is the norm, and traditional behavior is the enemy. 

L: An entrepreneur of all sorts from Los Angeles to China, Leinate has managed to create NFC resume sharing applications and kids areas in Western China. Seriously. He has done all these things. The man with a plan and the right connects.

O: Mr. Chocolate himself, the heir to the throne of possibly the best chocolates that have come out of the region, Chocodate. Equally as entrepreneurial as the rest of the team and a diligent creative in his own right. 

M: The Microsoft man who loves all things tech and innovation. The newest member to Bill Gates' family and a hard working creative who focuses on accessible technology and innovative solutions across all sectors.

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