22nd September 2017 |
Say Hi To: Jen Heape

We're kicking off our Glug Editors at Large with a little brief intro with our chosen ones; meet Jennifer Heape! Keep an eye out for her upcoming articles.


Twitter: @nejjynejjy
Instagram: @nejjynejjy

First of all… big up and congrats for being one of the very first Editors at Large ever to have been chosen in the history of Glug (hehe). How does it feel? You stoked?
Stoked is exactly the word! For someone who is insatiably curious (and probably a bit of a dork) this is the perfect opportunity to indulge my nosiness and discover new and challenging creative ideas and technologies. Moreover, I love learning from passionate and interesting people, no matter their expertise or domain. So I can’t wait to have a jabber with people about the things they love doing and making.

For those Gluggers who’s never heard of you, who are you and what do you do?

Hi there I’m Jen, nice to meet you. I’ve been in digital advertising now for more than 8 years, working up from a copywriter to creative director and strategist. What I do on a day to day basis can vary hugely and the past year alone has seen me travel around the world to shoot a series of short films, creating the Daydream VR launch piece, working on voice applications for Google Home, defining the creative positioning for a ethical diamond company, and much more.

Could you tell us a bit more about how you ended up doing what you’re doing now? How did
you get there and what have you been up to before that? 
Well I didn’t go to ‘ad school’ or similar, instead coming to advertising late, having started my career in journalism. In fact, when I was at university, I didn’t even know copywriters existed! Although I’ve been interested in advertising for as long as I can remember. So much so, that as a kid, we had a (now rather embarrassing) family game where I would guess the brand from the first 3 second of the TVC or jingle. Yup I know, I probably should have gotten out more…

Once I worked out that copywriting was for me, I lucked out and found a CD willing to take a chance and give me a crack at being a long copywriter. From there I haven’t looked back, working my way through the ranks in different agencies and industries, including a 5-year stint in Paris. It’s been quite the ride.

Tell us something that no one knows about you…

I once live reported on a pro surfing event from tank parked on a blisteringly hot Portuguese beach.

When you started out in the industry, what would be the one thing that you wish you knew?
Three things: 

  1. Grow a thick skin fast, but don’t forget grace and compassion. 
  2. Your bosses are people too and make mistakes, learn to forgive. That’s not to say you should put up with douchebags, but just try to see the whole picture when you can.
  3. Everyone else doesn’t necessarily know more than you, so don’t panic. This industry is forever changing and moving, so by its very nature, most people are taking an educated guess with a fair chunk of what they do! There’s no magic formula to knowing what’s right, but experience does bring the ability to trust your gut instincts on things.

So, maybe an obvious question, but, why Glug? What was it that made you apply?
I believe that the best creative work comes when we share and collaborate. Glug works to get people together - both to learn from some of the best creative minds in the industry and also to chat to each other about the things we love. How could I resist applying?

What will you be covering for us? (Don’t go into too much details here, just a little overview!)

As I said, I’m a bit of a geek, so expect a tech-y slant on things. But also thoughts on life in the industry and ways of working. 

Ok, and the final question… If you could choose anyone in the world, who would you wish to see on a Glug stage in 2018?

Gah, this is a hard one! I must say, I would like to question Elon Musk on his view that we’re all living in a matrix-esque computer simulation…

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