11th July 2017 | London
Global Glug Slack

It's time for an introduction... and we call upon all of our global creatives, makers, doers, tinkerers, thought leaders, speakers, partners, doodlers and dabblers to get involved!

Do you fancy knowing what's going down in other Glug cities? Yeah? Well, we thought so! And as we've built our Global Chapter Network to cover over 30 cities and we see over 30,000 Gluggers interact with us each year we believe it's high time we introduce all of y'all to each other. 

We want everyone to know everyone, or at least have a chance to. So we've decided to run a trial of a Global Glug Slack Channel experiment which we'll be spearheading with the most interesting, engaged and involved creatives around – you Gluggers. We're looking for people who wants to expand their network, wants to get some global design pals, wants to get involved with other cities and their local industries — people who wants to know more.

So... If you want to be a part of the first hundred-ish Gluggers who will trial a 'Global Slack Channel' with us... Then make sure to fill in this form and we'll sort you an invitation soon!

Speak soon, Gluggers!
Glug HQ

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