17th August 2020 |
Glug x Vungle - Forward To Normal


‘Glug and Vungle ask creatives to re-imagine the future, with three mini briefs. Work with Vungle to turn your creations into ads with a potential reach of over a billion global users!!!’ ’



Glug is back and we're joining forces with in-game advertising guru's, Vungle! We're kicking off a brand new creative brief & giving you the chance to use your creativity for good and help us shape the new normal! We believe that creativity can help change the world (one great creative idea at a time).

The global pandemic has given us a golden opportunity to re-imagine & re-organise the world around us. We’re asking you to work with us and Vungle Creative Labs to create & storyboard content that will be delivered via Vungle's global ad platforms with a potential reach of over a billion global users!. The aim? To get people thinking and being positive about the future, while encouraging them to stay safe. We don't want to go ‘back’ to normal. We want to go forward!

So, what’s the plan?

We want you to design & storyboard an interactive ad spot that re-imagines an aspect of the post Covid-19 world. This could be through a mini game, animation, quiz, questionnaire, interactive statistics or anything else you can think of. We’re looking for a broad range of creative responses, reflecting upon three individual mini briefs and bearing in mind the campaign aims. We’ll then utilise Vungle’s ad network to distribute your creative ideas around the world. This is open to everyone and anyone with an imagination. We want to see innovative ideas, lockdown reflections & manifestos for the future! Go wild!

The Briefs

The mini brief titles and topics will be released one by one on the dates below. They’ll each run for 2 weeks, so check back here for all the info on each brief. All the updates will be posted on our social channels too, so be sure to give us a follow. You can enter each brief as many times, with as many ideas, as you want! 

We’re looking for a range of personal responses and there really isn’t a wrong answer. There’ve been countless changes that have come about because of the pandemic and lots of new realities and opportunities to be explored. Some prompts and questions to consider:

Brief 1 - HOME & FAMILY (Wednesday 19th Aug - 2nd Sept)

From the weekly NHS clap & rainbows in windows to zoom calls & quiz nights, how has working-from-home changed life? How have families re-connected? What hobbies have you taken up? What new skills have you learnt? What are people doing with reclaimed commuting times? What are the mental health benefits or struggles? How can we combat loneliness?

Brief 2 Live (Wednesday 9th Sept - 23rd Sept)

Brief 3 Live (Wednesday 30th Sept - 14th Oct)


Campaign Aims & Judging Criteria

This doesn't have to be the final product. So don’t worry about producing super polished final works. We just want to get a flavour for the idea and visual style. Consider the following aims when putting your idea together:

  • Engagement: Does the idea get people thinking or acting differently? Is there meaningful or memorable interaction with the viewer? 
  • Shaping the new normal (ideation): Is there a clear image of how things might be different in the future? Or how they have changed for the better so far?  
  • Visual Communication: Does the style or imagery work to communicate the idea? Is it visually engaging? Will it grab the viewer's attention? 
  • Messaging: Does the creative have a positive or thought provoking message? Does it encourage safe practices? 

The opportunity?

Our expert panel of industry leaders will select a favourite concept from each of the 3 mini-briefs. The winners will then work with Vungle Creative Labs to produce their ideas into fully functioning in-game ads, exciting! These will then go out over the Vungle ad network where they will have the potential to reach over a billion global users! We're also offering winners and five runners up the opportunity for 1-to-1 feedback and mentoring with some of the best creative technologists in the game.

Wow this is so cool!!! How do I enter?

Great question! It’s super simple:

  1. Storyboard a 3-5 frame interactive ad spot that shows us your idea, reflection or plan for the new normal (This can be annotated). Frames should be 1080x1920 (9:16 Vertical) as the final ads will be shown on mobile. Bear in mind the best performing playable ad experiences are typically 45 to 60 seconds of interaction. 
  2. Explain your idea in 250 words or less.
  3. Put all this into a single page PDF. Name it with your details. (Firstname_Secondname_Brief#)
  4. Send it over to: 
  5. (optional) Share your work on social, tag us and use the hashtag #ForwardToNormal

We’re super excited to see what amazing ideas you can come up with! Good luck! For any queries about how to get involved or the campaign in general drop us a line at

Big Love!

Glug HQ & Vungle

Examples & Inspiration

Here’s some we (VCL) made earlier! For more ideas & Inspiration be sure to follow us on Instagram (@glugevents), Twitter (@glug) or head over to


More about Vungle 

Vungle is a leading performance marketing platform serving ads in mobile applications. Vungle’s data-optimized ads run on over one billion unique devices to drive engagement and increase returns for publishers and advertisers, ranging from indie studios to powerhouse brands, including Rovio, Pandora and Microsoft. 

Vungle Creative Labs is a multi-disciplinary team of leading creatives, technologists and data specialists, which focuses on helping advertisers continuously optimise their ad strategies in order to accelerate the acquisition of high-value users. The team also works closely with Vungle’s roster of well-known brands and publishers, helping them to continuously discover new ways to monetise their apps.


T&C’s / Disclaimer

  • By submitting your work you give permission for Glug and Vungle to use submitted content for the purpose of promotion surrounding the campaign. You retain all IP Rights to your work and will always be credited where applicable & possible. Glug & Vungle will never edit or reproduce your work without your permission. 
  • Winners will be granted an honorarium fee of £150 to develop their work with VCL for the purpose of distribution. In a case where the selected winner is unable to work with VCL this fee may be negotiable. 
  • The campaign is not-for-profit and no designs will be sold, reproduced, or distributed for monetary advancement, or gain from any organising parties involved without your permission or prior knowledge. 
  • Any third party imagery which appears within your design must be licensed, or royalty-free. Glug Events voids all responsibility for any design, or imagery that does not follow this criterion.
  • Glug & Vungle do not specifically endorse any theme, political view or content which appears in the submitted content, or by affiliated partners and will act as a neutral party during the campaign.
  • Glug & Vungle do not condone the use of sexual or profane imagery/language. While these themes are not expressly forbidden Glug Events retains the right to void any submissions which are deemed to be overtly Inflammatory.
  • Any person/s found to be in breach of IP (Intellectual Property), or copyright by using submitted designs for the purpose of monetary gain will be reported.


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