26th October 2021 | London
The Process: Grime MC, Lioness

The last decade has seen a resurgence of Grime and the culture surrounding within mainstream culture. While old names like Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, and P Money continuing to make waves within the industry, it's been an artist like Stormzy who have taken Grime music to new heights and brought international attention to the genre.

With all that said and done you're probably wondering one thing? Where is all the female talent? Well just because they don't always gain the same level of media attention doesn't mean there isn't a huge female movement within Grime. From the likes of Lady Leshurr to Ms, Dynamite women have been all over the scene for a long time and with our upcoming Grime Ballet event, we wanted to give a platform to female talent within the industry. Enter the prolific, Lioness.


How did you get started within the industry, and what first made you engage with Grime?

I grew up in a musical family. My Brother and Cousins all used to ‘spit bars’ and they formed a group. I wanted to be good enough to join their little crew so I just perfected my craft and eventually, I made it! Lol

Do you believe female artists are beginning to receive the attention they deserve? Why?

I think musically, when there is an upsurge of something in America, the UK tend to follow suit. The rise of female artists over there such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Meg The Stallion etc have made the UK look at who they have and start to appreciate their work. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a long way to go but I think we are heading in the right direction.

You took some time away from the industry. Why was this, and has the time away helped to shape your current outlook and voice within your music?

It got to a point where industry opinion on my complexion started to affect me. I think I was around 21 when I decided to step back for a bit but it somehow turned into a 6 year hiatus. I don’t regret the break, it gave me time to realise my worth. It also gave me time to do a lot of living and experience things that have shaped the artist I am going to be from here on out.

Grime Ballet is all about breaking down cultural barriers. How important do you think it is that different art forms are continually collaborating and working together?

The thing about London in particular is that it’s population is made up of different cultures. It would be silly for that reality to not be reflected through the different art forms we have coming out of the city. For me as a Musician, I should never be confined to one set output. I originate from Grime but not everything that I wish to express will be at 140bpm. Boxing myself in would be like scoring an own goal. Growth is important.


How has working with brands allowed you to expand your craft? Had it given you a larger platform?

Having my own fashion edit with PrettyLittleThing last year was an absolute pleasure. Aside from the platform widening my audience musically, it introduced people to me as a brand within myself. I am a plus sized Woman and that doesn’t stop be from being trendy or achieving anything I set my mind to and I hope that the message got through.

What’s been your career highlight of 2019?

It has to be flying from my holiday in Trinidad to work with Will.I.Am in LA. He is such a genius and it was amazing to watch him at work first hand. Umar Kamani the CEO and Founder of PrettyLittleThing is such a visionary and once he comes up with an idea, you can’t stop him from bringing it into fruition and thus, Pretty Little Thing – Will.I.Am Feat. Lioness, Ms banks & Lady Leshurr was born.

What advice would you give someone trying to make it within the music industry as an artist?

Believe in your own sauce. There will be a lot of opinions surrounding who you should be and what you should be doing. Some opinions will be helpful but the ones that don’t align with who you are/who you see yourself being, block them out and do you. Always. A zillion people in the world but only 1 you.

What’s your goal for 2020?

Musically, I’d have to say consistency. I have a tendency to go quiet but I just want to flood the scene with my art and in the way that I see fit.


Last but not least, can you give us some quick fire answers to the below:

Favourite Rapper of All Time: Eminem 

Current Track On Repeat: Fill The Void – A2 Feat JJ. 

Best up-and-coming artist: I wouldn’t personally call him up and coming but I’m really loving Murkage Dave at the moment.

Who’s your current MVP within the industry: Stormzy. The boy can do no wrong.

Best advice for dealing with creative block: Create through the shit. I know, it will be time spent completing the worst thing you’ve ever made but it’s better to create than let stillness take over.

Best podcast you’ve listened to recently: Off The Cuff Podcast.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: Go for Gold, Fuck Silver and Bronze.

Biggest Life Lesson: You think you’re in control until Life says “LOL, one sec”. 


As you can see the female game is stronger than ever within the industry and Lioness knows more than most about the high's and lows. To be in with a chance of meeting Lioness, seeing her original 'London Sketchbook' performance, and get stuck into some great workshops make sure to grab tickets for our upcoming event, Grime Ballet, on the 30th January.

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